Your Source for Liquid Nitrogen Tank Repair Today

Since our inception in 1993, Cryotec, Inc. has become one of the largest and most successful cryogenic repair companies in the United States. We specialize entirely in Technical repairs and high-vacuum work for liquid nitrogen equipment, medical home care systems, vehicle mounted bulk tanks, and VGL/liquid cylinders.

Why You Should Repair Instead of Replace

Cryogenic tanks have no moving parts. They function because a powerful vacuum insulates the inner vessel, keeping the cold in and the heat out.

Because there is no friction caused by moving parts in a cryogenic tank, there is no wear and tear and literally nothing which inherently “wears out ”. Since there is nothing that ages or wears, a cryogenic tank can have an extremely long service life – virtually indefinite.

When a cryogenic tank is refurbished by Cryotec and has it’s vacuum restored, it will function as well, be as reliable, and have virtually the same service life as a new tank. This is a very important consideration for a business that seeks to lower its costs and maximize its profit margin. By having Cryotec refurbish your tanks, you cut your costs dramatically when compared to “re-buying” new equipment.

No Evaluation Fee – Ever! No charge if we can’t repair your tank.